San Francisco Baking Institute Sourdough, Wild Yeast, Levian Bread Course

March 14, 2017


I’ m attending two weeks of bread baking classes at the San Francisco Institute of Baking.  Just finished day one.  Refreshing information that I learned at pastry college and lots of new things, like the science of baking bread with natural sourdough, levain and wild yeast bread making .  Today we started a stiff levain and a liquid levain.  I will feed the two the types of levain twice a day.  By the time Friday rolls around I will have my own developed starters  to take home.  We also got to make a 15 percent whole wheat bread using a liquid Levain.  I must say, it’s one of the most yummy tasting bread I have eaten, no butter needed.  Kepted a loaf for dinner and left the other loaves for the staff at the hotel i’m staying at.   Can’t wait until tomorrow.