San Francisco Baking Institute Sourdough, Wild Yeast, Levian Bread Course

March 14, 2017


I’ m attending two weeks of bread baking classes at the San Francisco Institute of Baking.  Just finished day one.  Refreshing information that I learned at pastry college and lots of new things, like the science of baking bread with natural sourdough, levain and wild yeast bread making .  Today we started a stiff levain and a liquid levain.  I will feed the two the types of levain twice a day.  By the time Friday rolls around I will have my own developed starters  to take home.  We also got to make a 15 percent whole wheat bread using a liquid Levain.  I must say, it’s one of the most yummy tasting bread I have eaten, no butter needed.  Kepted a loaf for dinner and left the other loaves for the staff at the hotel i’m staying at.   Can’t wait until tomorrow.

Strawberry Shortcake

March 4, 2017


Made a delicious strawberry shortcake birthday cake for my carving teacher today.  He is celebrating his 80th birthday.   Friday is wood carving day until the Farmers Markets start up again in May.  There are four layers of chiffon cake.  The layers are filled with sliced strawberries and sandwich between whipping cream on top and bottom.  The top is decorated with a  layer of whipping cream, topped with little meringue rosettes and strawberries.  Happy birthday Don Moore, wishing you many more.

Gluten Free Strawberry Mousse Tartlet’s

February 27, 2017


These little tartlet’s were at hit, at a pot luck luncheon on Friday afternoon.  The shells were a gluten free pate sucree crust.  The shells were blind baked and the inside was coated with semi sweet chocolate to prevent the crust from going soggy.  The mousse was made from fresh strawberries and whipping cream.

Pretzel Bits and Pretzel Sticks

February 23, 2017


My friend Linda and I had a baking day. I have been trying to make pretzels for years. I now know why they have been failures. I tend to skip steps making them. Well Linda kept me on the straight and narrow today. They turned out totally delish. Will I ever hear the end of it!