Gluten free brioche cinnamon buns

February 23, 2017


Today i’m trying my hand at making gluten free brioche dough.  I decided to make cinnamon buns with the dough.  Only because I wanted something sweet to eat.   I drizzled a little icing over the warm buns…………..oh yum yum!

Gluten Free Bread

February 22, 2017


Woke up this morning to beautiful sunny Family Day! Could not decide what to do first. Go for a walk or start on my gluten free bread experiments. Well, as I was thinking about the day…….I had my coffe and remembered the leftover oreo cheesecake. I can not lie I had two peices for breakfast and had to ask Doug to hide the other piece. It was a good thing that my son took part of it to his friend Brads’ last night.

I made my gluten free olive oil bread dough, let it rise while I went for my walk.  After the rise, the dough will be refrigerated over night.

This evening I divided the oilve oil dough in half.  I added black olives to one loaf.  They baked up beautifully.  Now for my taste testers and reviews.