Gluten-free Bagels

May 6, 2017


These bagels got an A+ from all my taste testers.  You will be seeing these babies at the market  in a few weeks.  So drop by and try them out.

Semolina Bread

May 6, 2017


Trying out semolina bread today.  Recipe that I learned to make at the San Francisco Baking Institute last month.  Just came out of the oven.  Smells great and feels soft.  Can’t wait to cut into it.

Strawberry Ginger Kouign Amann

April 13, 2017


Been wanting to make these Kouign Amann’s for awhile. A pastry that comes from the Brittainy region of France. Yesterday I started my dough, laminating the butter into the dough to make puff pastry.  Today I made the filling just before baking.   I diced the fresh strawberries added a dash of ginger, lemon, black pepper and sugar.  They came out of the oven with a crispy, flaky top and a bubbly strawberry filling.  So yummy!  I also twisted the leftover pastry and made a few cinnamon twist.


Sourdough Bread – 2 feed levain

April 7, 2017


Reconstituted my starter from San Francisco Baking Institute.  It took four days to get the starter lively and full of bubbles.  Started my sourdough liquid levain, for my sourdough bread.  Added part of my starter with flour and water and let it ferment for 12 hours at room temperature.  Then I mixed my final dough, letting it bulk ferment for 2 hours, adding a couple of folds.  Shaped my dough and used my new baskets to proof for 2-3 hours, as my home was very cool.  Trying out a darker bake which brings out a bolder flavour.  The bread came out with a very nice open crumb and crust had a good chew.


April 3, 2017


Trying out a baguette recipe today.  A recipe from the San Francisco Baking Institute. This recipe takes 2 days to make.  At school I was shaping the baguettes pencil thin and today they are like submarine buns.  Practice makes perfect…………..?  Well they came out of the oven crackling, smelling delicious and had a beautiful crust.  Can’t  wait to cut into it.

Cheese Bread

March 30, 2017


Trying out a new cheese bread recipe today.  Did it ever smell wonderful baking.  I thought it was a tasty loaf of bread, you could taste the lovely old cheddar cheese.  Nice crust, with a little chew and a soft moist crumb.    My friend Don is cheese bread connoisier.   Sent a loaf home with him, now awaiting his critic.

Final Day at San Francisco Baking Institute

March 26, 2017


Well just finished two weeks of baking bread at the San Francisco Baking Institute.

Thought I was going to blog everyday about my baking  adventures.  As you can see I didn’t.  I was extremely exhausted everyday after class.  I have posted many pictures on instagram #janeeng10 or Facebook janeeng.

Baking bread has been my passion and going to San Francisco Baking Institute has been on my “bucket list ”  Baking for 10 days has brought me so much joy.  Mixing the dough by hand.  Feeling the change from a shaggy mix to a strong glutinous mass.  The pride of shaping and forming a tight skin.  Believe me, it is a difficult feat. As my instructor Safa says “THERE’S NO RIGHT AND NO WRONG, IT’S JUST DIFFERENT.  BAKING’ BREAD IS A JOURNEY “.  The smell of bread coming out of the oven……..ummmm so delicious!

Made many friends from all over the world. It is interesting when like minds get together. We can’t stop talking! We exchanged personal baking experiences. Giving great alternatives and ideas.  Can’t wait to go home and try new recipes and different  methods of baking bread.

Heading to the airport to catch the red eye home to Toronto.