May 18, 2020
Jane Macdonell

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2020 farmersmarket

Our Farmers Market will start Saturday June 13th, 2020.  It will be a little different this year because of Covid19, social distancing and wearing a mask to protect each other. All plans are not completed yet.

TREATS BY MOM will only be at the Minden Farmers Market on Saturday’s.  The market will be at the Minden Fair Grounds this year.  This day will service all my loyal customers at one location.  I hope to see my customers from my Friday (Stanhope) and Tuesday (Haliburton) markets on Saturday’s.  Pre-order and e-transfer would make pick-up a lot easier.

Our Bobcageon Farmers Market is not open this year but they are doing a virtual market with curbside pick up.

I require bread orders to be placed by Tuesday afternoon by 3 pm for Saturday pick ups.

We will be practicing social distancing and wearing a mask to keep all safe. Treats by Mom , Jane