March 15, 2018
Jane Macdonell

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Advance Bread Baking Class With Master Baker Didier Rosada


Last minute decision to attend another class at San Francisco Baking Institute.  It was a tough week for me, I was just getting over a month long bout of the flu, bronchitis and sinus issues.  We were on the go for 5 days from 7 am until 4:30 pm most days.  Exhausted but joyful.  Excited to try the new recipes at home and bring some new breads to the farmers market this year.



King Arthur Mills

February 22, 2018

The third week of our vacation I attended the professional bread baking course at King Arthur Mills in Norwich Vermont.  I enjoyed learning and making new friends.  We were taught by Master Baker Jeffery Hamelman.  Can’t wait to share what I have learned, as bread baking is my passion and my journey.


What a beautiful place to be in the fall.  The view of fall colours were spectacular.  We stayed at the Norwich Inn and enjoyed Halloween in town.  The whole town gets involved with activities for the youngsters.  They start around 3:00 PM and finish by dark.  It really brought joy to my heart.



I have really neglected my site!

February 22, 2018

I am going to try and catch up.  New Year’s Resolution…….. I will try harder this year to post on my site, even though it is already February going into March.

The farmers markets ended Thanksgiving weekend.  We took a well deserved vacation right after we cleaned up and put everything to bed for the season.

We drove to Virginia Beach for one week, got some sun and read a couple of books.  The second week we were in Williamsburg and enjoyed the Colonial Village.  We also attended their wonderful farmers market.

Vegan Birthday Cake

July 17, 2017

Special order for a vegan birthday cake this past week.  Four layers of chocolate cake with a hint of fresh ginger and orange.  Chocolate frosting between the layers of the nake cake with a chocolate gaunache dripping.  Then decorated with local strawberries from the farmer’s market.